Monday, October 17, 2011

Good Eats

 Okay, so, ready for some yummy food?!

Here ya go!

First on last week's menu was "Farmers Pie"  from Paleo Comfort Foods, including their Mashed Cauliflower recipe. I used beef instead of lamb, but it turned out great. I really liked it and it made quite a bit so we had leftovers for a couple of days. Erik and Lindsay liked it, but the younger taste-tester's (7 and 4) weren't too hip on it. Not sure why, but oh well. When I make it again, I'll go for a double batch of the mashed cauliflower so it's thicker on top.

Next on the list was Chicken Enchiladas with Coconut Tortillas, also from my new favorite cookbook Paleo Comfort Foods. These were a bit labor intensive mainly because I needed cooked, shredded chicken and I didn't have any on hand and also because the tortillas needed to be made in advance. Once those items were ready, it wasn't more than 30 minutes before the enchiladas were ready for the oven and they only baked like 20 minutes. 

Because we're eating dairy in small doses, I topped them with some shredded Tillamook Medium Cheddar cheese.

These were good. "Killer" according to Lindsay, which in foodspeak means they rocked. Kera didn't like the pepper in the filling, which wasn't too spicy but did give it a bit of a kick. Next time, because there will be a next time they were that good, I'll skip the pepper and double up the meat. Otherwise, these were extremely tasty and made awesome leftovers.

Kera cracks me up sometimes. She has asked for chef salad a couple of days in a row for her lunch, which is awesome. The weird thing is she eats it without dressing! She helped me whip up this lunch and then asked me to take a picture of it, so here ya go. :-)

I made my Egg Nests the other day for a morning Bible study group I'm part of that meets monthly. Only this time I couldn't find pancetta at the store so I used proscuitto and some dry coppa. I threw in some shredded Dubliner cheese, too. They were so good with those variations!! I also took pictures of the process of making them, giving a visual to the whole "nest" part, so hopefully that's helpful.

Ready for eggs to be added...

Baked and being eaten!


I have to confess, I am getting tired of eggs for breakfast. So this week I planned some nonegg options. I whipped up a double batch of Elana's Scrumptious Sandwich Bread (our fav recipe so far) so that I would have extra for french toast this morning. Yes, I know French toast uses eggs, but at least it's not only eggs. I used my normal French toast mix of eggs+milk+vanilla+cinnamon. It worked pretty good and was a nice change.

I really like this bread recipe and it's nice to be able to send a PB&J sandwich in the girls' lunch if they want, for something different. This time I baked one batch in the pan Elana recommends, and another in my Pampered chef stoneware loaf pan. I was pleased to see that it turned out fine. it was wider and shorter, but still baked perfectly. 

Our menu for this week is:

French Toast
Biscuits & Sausage (from Paleo Comfort Foods!)

Leftovers, etc. 

Sunday: "Spaghetti" (Basically I brown 1# ground beef then add jar of Spaghetti Sauce) Serve over cooked spaghetti squash. They love it!
Monday: Chicken Soup from PCF pg 154. (Also did their Chicken Broth)
Tuesday: AuJus Roast in crock pot, Braised Cabbage
Wednesday: Leftovers
THursday: Dinner Out (Celebrating my birthday early with my Hubby)
Friday: Fish Sticks (Paleo Comfort Foods page 258) with Tartar Sauce too. Random veggies
Saturday: Hamburgers with all the fixin's.

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  1. Kendra - just coming across your blog, and have to say: Great Job! So glad that Paleo Comfort Foods is helping you all in your paleo journey. Happy holidays to you and the family!

    - Julie & Charles


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