About Me

Who am I? What is this blog all about?

Let's start with the stuff it's not:

I am not a food blogger, and I don't create a ton of original recipes, so this is by no means a food blog. I do love to cook, however, and try new recipes and when I do, (if I can remember to snap a picture), I'll usually share it here. I imagine it's like how when you find a great new recipe and you wanna share it with your fellow cooking/mom friends. 

I am not an expert on paleo/primal eating, (I'm not really an expert on anything actually), but I have fairly recently made a lifestyle change in that direction. I am paleo/primal about 90% of the time and my family is probably closer to 75%. It's a journey I'm on right now and so I'll blog about it.  It's part of my life but not all my life, so you might find a post on a great new paleo recipe sandwiched (he he, sandwiched, get it?) between a post on what my kids did or a cool book I read.

I am not a craft blogger. I love a good craft project and I enjoy scrapbooking my photos, but I rarely remember to blog about it. There might be a few in here, but they are pretty rare. 

I am not a photographer. I enjoy taking pictures and sharing them here, but they aren't always the best. I would love to learn how to take better pictures and hope to someday have more than a point-and-shoot camera, but for now it's kind of more about documenting the lives of my children and family.

So, if you're not reading a food/paleo/craft/photography blog, than what are you reading? What is this "All & Nothing"?

I am an imperfect woman who loves God and tries to live life by the Bible.
He has blessed me with an amazing husband (Erik) and two beautiful daughters (Lindz and Kera).
 I get to live in/near the same town as my extended family and I have a wonderful church family as well.
I have the best "job" ever--I get to stay home with my children, which means during the school year I have time during the day to do a ton of stuff including write, which is my dream goal.

I feel like I have a lot to share, and that is why I blog. I share everything from the most mundane to the most exhilarating, which is why it is entitled All & Nothing. Some days it's ALL, while other's its almost nothing.

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