101 Goals in 1001 Days

I have been thinking about making a list like this for a while, after seeing it on Katie's blog. It's been really interesting watching her document her progress on each goal (even if I only started reading her blog for the past year or so when she was already a couple years into it.) I love a good list and you know by now that I love me some goals!

In order to make my list, I got ideas from Katie's list, this list that she linked to, and also checked out this website. The tasks must be specific with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. They need to be realistic and stretching or in other words take a fair amount of work on my part.

If you'd like to join me on this challenge, I would be so pleased! I will be blogging about my progress on these, of course, and maybe even figure out some sort of link to let you join in on sharing your progress. We'll see if I'm that technologically capable! hee hee

So, by Thursday, June 26 2014, these are the things I'd like to accomplish:

Completed: 13/101

1. Go to/take a yoga class
2. Learn how to take better pictures
3. Get a new camera-Completed Jan2013
4. Learn to speak German
5. Donate blood as often as I'm able (ideally, twice a year if travel doesn't make me unsafe to donate)
6. Floss daily for one month straight.
7. Take a technology break for one week.
8. Do a 365 day photo challenge
9. Give up coffee for a month
10. Finish one of my novels and work towards publication.
11. Spend 30 minutes everyday writing for 30 days.
12. Take the girls (one at a time) to get pedicures together
13. Teach the girls to tithe weekly.
14. Read through the entire bible and do the highlighter thing.
15. Finish NaNoWriMo one more time.
16. Stick to my Housecleaning Plan for one whole year.
17. Have a girls getaway weekend with my besties.
18. Start and keep a prayer journal.
19. Keep my toenails looking nice (trimmed and painted) for one whole summer-Completed Summer2012
20. Establish a routine of recycling paper and plastic.
21. Take a trip somewhere besides North America.
22. Have at least one date each month with Erik. (total dates 30)
23. Paint our Master Bedroom.
24. Be hospitable: have at least one new couple/person over for dinner each month.
25. Be hospitable part 2: have at least one "known" couple/person over for dinner each month
26. Buy coffee for someone behind me in line randomly at a coffee place.--Completed 12/12/11
27. Let the girls call the shots (within reason) for one whole day--Completed August 2012.
28. Have a costume party.
29. Go snowmobiling with Erik at least once.
30. Do an overnight pack trip as a family.--August 2012
31. Go to a concert.--Completed 5/4/12
32. Memorize 15 inspiring/encouraging scriptures.
33. Cook Lobster or Crab.
34. Get CPR/First Aid certified again.
35. Take a family trip to Glacier--Completed June 29 2012
36. Get up at 6am for QT consistently for a month M-F. (Weekends I get to sleep in!--Completed 2013.
37. Go on  a writing retreat.
38. Be able to do a pull-up.
39. Have a candlelight dinner.
40. Go a month only spending money on groceries.
41. Paint our master bathroom.
42. Take a spiritual retreat.
43. Grow my hair out enough to donate.
44. Have a family portrait taken.
45. Join or start a book club.--Completed 11/4/2011
46. Take the girls to the Nutcracker.
47. Catch up on all non-current photos in scrapbooking. (current is within past month)--Completed Summer 2012
48. Send a note in girls' lunchbox once a week for a whole school year.
49. Read all the unread books on my shelf.
50. Shower and get dressed every day for a whole month.
51. Go bowling.
52. Do a run/walk for a cause.
53. Take a family vacation.
54. Take a vacation just Erik and I.
55. Try out Crossfit. Completed Jan 2012 by elimination
56. Learn how to play chess.
57. Finish my pay it forward gifts. --Completed 10/10/11
58. Try cooking and eating 5 new foods.
59. Host a neighborhood bbq/dinner party.
60. Take the girls to an aquarium.
61. Camp at the sand dunes with Erik--Completed by elimination. (Erik sold his four wheelers, so no more trips to the sand dunes)
62. Perfect my homemade jerky.--Completed 1/19/12
64. Read a book aloud to the girls.
65. Frame the paintings in our room.
66. Lose enough weight to fit into my wedding dress again.
67. Try to take a hike/walk once a week even in the winter--Completed thanks to Cody!
68. Finally put something up in the tall space in the living room.
69. Clean out my scrapbooking stash. (use it up!)--Completed June 2012
70. Use cloth napkins for 30 days.
71. Join a CSA for at least one season.--Completed Summer 2012
72. Get 50,000 hits on my blog.
73. Go to a church conference.
74. Get a couples massage.
75. Set up a marrieds co-op of sorts for babysitting so we can all go on dates regularly.
76. Send in the broken shade to be fixed.--Completed and rehung 11/1/11.
77. Thoroughly clean out and de-clutter girls' rooms.
78. Do a girls weekend with my mom and sister.
79. Find Lindsay a better dresser.
80. Figure out storage of completed scrapbooks.--Completed June 2012
81. Purge my closet.
82. Paint the guest room.
83. Fence the backyard.
84. Get a dog-Completed September2012.
85. Try going "no-poo" with my skin and haircare.
86. Travel to Hawaii.
87. Try out minimalist footwear.
88. Finish this list.--Completed 9/29/2011
89. Take an adult ed class.
90. Figure out a good budgeting system.
91. Stick to said budgeting system for at least half a year.
92. Go to a Griz or Osprey game. Completed August 2012
93. Go two straight months 100% sugar and gluten free.
94. Keep up with my books read list.
95. Private
96. Think of 30 reasons I love each member of my family (immediate). Give them each a card for each thing everyday for a month.
97. Comment on at least two blog posts everyday for a whole month.
98. Get a smartphone.
99. Take the girls to Lewis and Clark Caverns.
100. Switch to 100% homemade/safe household cleaners.
101. Make five new friends.

Are you ready for a challenge? Are you doing any number of goals in a certain amount of days? Leave a comment and link to your blog post about it and I'll make you a permanent part of this page! :-)

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