Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Goal #36 and 67 completed

Goal 36. Get up at 6am for QT consistently for a month M-F. (Weekends I get to sleep in!)

Thanks to the cute furry little boy-dog named Cody, this has pretty much happened nearly everyday for the past year and a half because he can only be in his little dog crate for so long. Sometimes Erik gets up first and then I can sleep in a bit, but usually I'm up at 6am to let him out and feed him. Then I make coffee and read a bit. This school year Lindsay catches the bus at 7:26 am, so I have to wake her up at 6:30, which is another reason for me to be up. 

Another cool thing about having Mr. Cody, is that not only am I up early to read, but I also get a walk in nearly everyday, and my walks are another opportunity to think, meditate and pray which, to me, is part of my "quiet time". And it's also another goal on my list, #67. Try to take a hike/walk once a week even in the winter!

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