Wednesday, September 5, 2012

92. Go to a Griz or Osprey game

A couple weeks back we were presented with the opportunity to attend an Osprey baseball game. My folks were hosting their company in the covered party deck area. We would be able to eat and then watch the game from the patio and we were invited because I work (very) part-time for them. It was a Friday night that we just happened to be in town, so we decided to take them up on it. I know the girls had been really wanting to see a baseball game, so I figured we'd do it for them, because honestly, I really don't enjoy watching sports. The only reason I even made it a goal to go to a game was because the girls have made some noise about seeing both a baseball and a football game.

We went early, the dinner was being served about 1.5 hours before the game actually started. We all got Osprey hats and found a table with my brother and sister.  My sister actually works for my folks and my brother works for a vendor, so he was invited too. It was kind of weird being there since I don't know really any other employees. But, the dinner was pretty good, and we all ate and then sat in the shade chatting and watching the baseball teams warm up. It was breezy out and wasn't nearly as hot as I thought it would be, I think sitting in the shade helped.

It was a long wait for the game to start. The girls were getting antsy and kind of bored, but then the game started. Everyone pulled their chairs up to the railing so they could see and the girls were ready for some action. Well, if you've ever been to a baseball game, you'll know that there isn't a ton of action. It moved pretty slowly and Erik and I were ready to go almost as soon as it started. Erik explained the game of baseball to the girls and they watched for a few innings. Then he told them that if we left now (it was right about the 3rd inning at this point) we could get Baskin Robbins. 

Well, they were done. They were done with baseball and ready for ice cream. As we walked away from the ball park Lindsay said something about hoping it would be more action packed next time. I mentioned that maybe sports is more interesting when you know someone playing and that we might have to try a Griz game before completely throwing in the towel on sports viewing, since we know one of the players. So, although I don't think my kids are going to clamor for baseball viewing anytime soon, we might not be completely off the hook. So, we made it about four innings total, but we can still say that we completed Goal #92. Go to a Griz or Osprey Game!

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