Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Goals Completed: Numbers 47,69 and 80

47. Catch up on all non-current photos in scrapbooking. (current is within past month)
69. Clean out my scrapbooking stash. (use it up!)
80. Figure out storage of completed scrapbooks.

I finished a few goals off my 101 Goals in 1001 Days list and figured I better update the tally. I was able to pretty much blast these three out in one fell swoop last month when I decided to empty the craft area and downsize into a closet. I purged all the craft stuff that the kids and I don't use, including a whole bunch of scrapbooking supplies. Why would I get rid of scrapbooking supplies when my goal was to use it up? Basically because I decided I'm done with it. Yes, done. I'm tired of spending hours and hours on one or two pages and of the finished books taking up valuable real estate in my house. Maybe blame it on watching too much "Hoarders" lately, but I was looking at all my completed books and thinking about how my kids are still pretty young and holy moly I'll have a lot of books by the time they are grown and where am I gonna put them and are they even gonna want a million scrapbooks? Combine those thoughts with the fact that I just haven't wanted to actually scrapbook anything lately and it was time to be done. I figure I'll just upload all my photos to Shutterfly and do their digital books every 6 months or so, those are pretty quick and don't take up nearly as much space and the cost for one is way less than all the scrapbook supplies I'd need to do 20 pages. So, I went from a whole huge hutch to just a couple shelves in the guest room/office closet. I sold some of it at the garage sale I joined w/ my friend Yvonne and gave the majority of scrapbook stuff to my mom for her use. I kept just enough to do the girls' school pages each year and maybe a few cards plus to finish scrapping the pictures I'd already ordered. That's 69 completed. Not too long after I got the stuff put away in the closet I sat down and spent an hour or so just quickly scrapping the pictures I'd already printed out, making great use of some photo sleeves. Then I just did a shutterfly book of the rest of 2011's pictures and I was caught up. So number 47 was down. 

As for 80, I have a small shelf in the living room where I can fit about five completed traditional scrapbooks, so I'll trade those out occasionally to change it up,

 and the smaller Shutterfly ones fit on another small shelf I have. I'll probably be able to fit all of those there because I can stack them horizontally. 

I am so glad to be able to cross these ones off the list, as scrapbooking had gotten to where it seemed like such a chore. I actually enjoy doing the Shutterfly albums and can whip them out fairly quickly. It also feels good just to make some major progress on my goals list! When I made those goals I hadn't thought this was how I'd accomplish them (I had such grand hopes for a scrapbook ROOM) but c'est la vie! :)

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  1. I was in hysterics reading this. I love to scrapbook but seem to have lost the zest for it over the last year and find it overwhelming--maybe because I have so much stuff and so many photos. I have dabbled in digital scrapbooking and actually printed a few pages myself that I cut to fit an 8x8 album and find it simpler because all I need are my small laptop and a printer with paper. Now I need to get rid of the stuff I have been accumulating for over ten years. Thanks for your insight and action on this issue. I too keep thinking if I complete all of the albums I want to do where will they go and will anyone really want them? Thanks!


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