Thursday, July 12, 2012

Glacier - Goat Lick and Lake McDonald

After we packed up our camper and all of our stuff, we headed west...

It's kinda crazy to see all that snow still upon the mountains in July.

We stopped about half-way between East Glacier and West Glacier at a place called Goat Lick. It's a place where the mountain goats like to go to lick the salt off the rocks. There's a pull out, parking lot, outhouse and area to watch the goats. 

In the above picture there's a goat hanging out in that sort of cave on the left/middle.

In this above picture the goats are right on the rock/tree line.

We stopped at Lake McDonald for a picnic lunch and to show the girls what I think is one of the most beautiful sights in the entire park.

I mean, seriously isn't that just beautiful?!

Ah, it's my absolute favorite.

I could sit there for hours looking at that.

Our trip to Glacier was nearly perfect, I'm so grateful we got to go! :)

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