Friday, June 8, 2012

What a difference a year makes.

Today was the last day of 2nd and 4th grades for my girls.
Lindsay was very excited, but Kera was feeling kind of bittersweet about the whole thing. Lindsay didn't really enjoy school this year, but Kera loved it.

It's kind of amazing to me how truly different my children are from each other. Another thing that amazes me is how much they have both changed and grown during the past school year.

First day of school, Sept 2011
Last day of school, June 2012
They have both very obviously grown a ton in height. Look at how much closer Lindsay's head is to the door window now than last year! And then of course, their hair is way longer. I think it's kinda funny that Kera is wearing the same sweatshirt on both days. But in addition to the growth you can see, I think they have broth grown in other ways too. 

First day of 4th grade 2011
Lindsay had a full year, not only did she make a huge jump academically (not just her, it's typical of 4th grade here) but she has learned a lot about how to deal with social situations that she hadn't encountered before. Thinks like how gossip spreads like wildfire, how to resolve friend conflicts, how to deal with difficulties with authorities, developing respect for others and the importance of honesty. She also learned some fun things like the benefit to saving your allowance (She bought herself an android tablet fairly recently), how to play the recorder and how to ride a bike w/ shifting gears. It's been a very full year for her and I'm sure she's ready for a relaxing summer.

First day of 2nd grade 2011
 Kera had a pretty full year as well. This was the year she really fell in love with reading. Trips to the library last summer were almost torturous for her because she wanted to read chapter books, but everything seemed too hard or not interesting. I have a feeling this summer will be different because she's reading chapter books like a champ and has discovered what kind of books she likes. Her spelling has improved by leaps and bounds thanks to extra work she did each week with another 2nd grade teacher. And she's adding and subtracting 3-digit numbers! Besides academics, Kera also learned this year about asserting herself and a little more how to deal with friend troubles. And of course I can't forget that this was the year she learned how to play the piano! She loved nearly every minute of school this year, and her teacher said some awfully nice things about her as well the other day. I teared up a little today when saying goodbye to her. 

Kera and her 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Holden

I can't believe another school year is over and that now I have kids in 3rd and 5th grade! They are growing up entirely too quickly. I'm definitely going to enjoy my summer of hanging out with my little girls while they are still little.

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