Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My little pianist

Kera has been taking piano lessons since the fall. She's practiced almost exclusively on her cheap-o little keyboard, with some random time on my folks' baby grand and of course her weekly piano lessons on a real piano. I've told her that if she wants to continue playing piano and really likes it, we'll think and talk about investing in a real piano. She had a few moments this year when she wanted to quit, but that was only because she wanted a free afternoon to play. Otherwise, she practices without complaint and loves going to her lessons.

Last night was her recital. She's been practicing for weeks and was not nervous at all about playing in front of us. It probably helps that the recital was going to be just her and the other little girl taking lessons from Miss Jan playing for their family in the other girl's home. Pretty low key and casual. Erik's folks drove down from Big Arm to be able to be there, which was cool. Especially because I completely forgot my camera and the only reason I have pictures is because my mother-in-law took them! 

Miss Jan introducing the girls and talking a little bit about teaching them

Kera was first, she played her favorite song, "Quiet River" and did a great job.

Kera's second song was a duet with Miss Jan. I believe that song was called "Love Somebody".

I have no clue what Kera's third and final song was called, but she did a great job playing that one too.

If you look closely you will see that she was concentrating, which is evidenced by her tongue sticking out just a wee bit.

The little girls glad to be done posing for a picture with their wonderful teacher, Miss Jan.

After they were done performing, we milled around and had some coffee, tea and cookies. Kera and Juju kept migrating back to the piano where they would play random little bits of music. Pretty cute, I must say. I wouldn't be surprised to see a duet of the little girls next year.

Lindsay and her friend Dani, who is Juju's older sister.

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