Friday, June 1, 2012

Girls' Track & Field Day

Okay, so these are blurry because my cell phone camera doesn't do so hot when being used to capture action shots, but I still wanted to share two images of my girls that I had today. It was their "Track & Field" day at school, which basically means they spent half the day doing different track and field type events. They ran a mile, did a 100 m dash, relay, long jump, clothes line, obstacle course, noodle toss and frisbee throwing. The younger kids also did hurdles, so that would be Kera and the older kids did High Jump and Softball throw. I watched Kera do her mile, dash, long jump and clothes line. Here's her on her first lap of the mile:

I got to see Lindsay do some of her mile and then because I was volunteering at the high jump, I got to see her do that. I was a bit slow on the draw and only got her after she jumped over the bungee that was acting as the high jump thing (I don't even know the technical term for that).

Neither girl wanted to run the mile and I don't think either even really enjoyed the day. I guess I am not raising girls who enjoy running! That's totally fine by me. I think they probably enjoyed getting out of the classroom today though and the fact that Track and Field Day means the end of the school year is right around the corner!

And I just have to add, helping out with the high jump was so fun. The best part was definitely getting to see the faces of the kids as they ran up to the jump. Some of them concentrated so hard on the "bar" it was intense that it was hilarious. I enjoyed helping out for sure.

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