Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer Vacation

Well, summer vacation is in full swing around here which is why there hasn't been a plethora of blog posts lately. In typical fashion, our summer is very quickly filling up and I can already see stuff on the calender to late July! No worries, most of it is good stuff, it's just a little unnerving to see it all planned out. The weather hasn't exactly been "summerish" so the girls have spent a fair amount of time doing this:
Watching Netflix streaming. Look at how cute they are!

I don't want the summer to turn into a gigantic "screen time" so I've initiated a "1 Hour Limit" of all computer/tv/tablet time. I'd rather we be going to the park or playing games if the weather is crummy. So, if the kids are limited to their screen time, I should try to be too. It would be pretty hypocritical of me to say it's for them and not me! I guess that means my blog posts might be more rare than they already were.

I'm sure you're okay with that, because I sure am. I'd much rather be playing with these two cuties than staring at a computer screen!

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