Monday, May 14, 2012


I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, but the girls and I are growing out our hair. I'm doing it because one of my goals is to grow my hair out long enough to donate. I've talked to my hairdresser about how to best do this and keep my hair healthy. I know it will probably be a 2 year project to get my hair long enough and I'm ready (I think!). The girls are growing their hair out just for now, they are very likely to change their minds tomorrow. 
One of the things I've been trying to do is research different things to do with our hair as it gets longer. Basically all that means is I peruse Pinterest for cute hairstyles and pin them. One of these days I need to actually remember to pull those up when I'm doing my hair and actually use those ideas. We recently had the opportunity to attend a bridal shower that was Audrey Hepburn themed. I googled appropriate hairstyles thinking that the girls would look oh so cute w/ a Audrey Hepburn hairdo.

Lindsay was playing with a friend during the time Kera and I were primping for the shower, so she missed out on a hairdo. Actually she didn't want the same one as Kera, so she just got a ponytail anyways. Kera got this cute updo/twist thing.

Her hair was barely long enough to stay in the twist, so I used about a billion bobby pins.

And poor thing has thin hair like her mom, so there wasn't much volume to it.

But she LOVED it and I had fun styling her hair. 

I did a similar style in my hair but completely forgot to take pictures! :)

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