Monday, February 20, 2012

365 Days!?

I can hardly believe that it all started exactly a year ago, tomorrow. It was simply a month long challenge to myself. I recently re-read that blog post and found this part ironic:

"This might be a lifestyle change, which is what it has been for tons of folks out there, but it might just be an experiment. I won't know until I try."

What started as 30 days has continued on for 365 days, but it has evolved into more than that. It has indeed become a lifestyle change for me. Not only have I changed the way I eat, but I've changed the way I workout and even now gradually, the way I care for my hair and skin. And I don't foresee me turning back to my old ways anytime soon. I may not look much different on the outside, I feel great and I know I'm getting healthy from the inside. I'm free from the ups and downs of insulin crashes and the awful grumpy hunger I use to suffer from. I'm free from counting calories and all my thoughts revolving around what I could and couldn't eat. I'm free from feeling deprived. My hormones are more under control now than ever, too. And I'm getting stronger and fitter--I know that after some time I'll be more healthy and fit than I ever was doing all that stupid running. I am excited to see what I can do, now, that I couldn't do before.

And I haven't been alone in this change, my family has joined me on this transition. Of course, at first it was by default because I'm the grocery shopper/cook of the household, but they've slowly come around as well. In the past couple months I've heard both my hubby and youngest say they feel better when they don't eat all the carbs/gluten. Specifically here's a conversation worth relaying:

A dad at church looking for his lil girls plastic ring, to the kids around that were "helping": Whoever finds M's ring, I'll give you a candy bar.

Kera: "I'd rather have a salad."

Yes, she said that. And she's even thanked God in her nighttime prayers for the fact that her family eats healthy. She has figured out that she feels better not eating all the sugar/carbs/gluten and she's only 7! Isn't that too stinkin' cool? I love it, it totally warms my heart. I've also noticed some benefits to the change in the rest of them: Hubby's pants keep getting baggier and Lindsay (oldest daughter) hasn't hardly had to use any lotion this winter and she's been my dry skin/eczema girl since a baby. So, we are all seeing some benefits to this.

It's been a year and I'm still tweaking things, like today I've decided to give up chewing gum. Why? Several reasons: when you taste something sweet, your body secretes insulin, so even though you aren't eating the gum, you're body will produce insulin in response to tasting it. Artificial sweeteners are bad news, as well. So, as of today, I'm done with it and I'm sure it won't be the last tweak I make as I read and learn more and more about optimal health. And I'll probably continue to share with you along the way, just as I've shared my journey thus far. :)

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