Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My New Fitness Program

Okay, so you know how a few posts back I was talking about how I use to run but now I do yoga? Yeah, well I'm gonna tweak that a bit again. I'm not running anymore. And I'm only doing yoga occasionally. So, what am I doing? Well, I'm lifting heavy weights, doing some conditioning, stretching and mobility and hiking/walking. That's it.

I've been transitioning to working out this way for a while, but was stuck in between doing body weight exercises as suggested in the Primal Blueprint (things like push-ups, squats, plank, etc) and actually lifting weights. I felt so unsure about how to go about it and even what I should be doing. I've posted here about ditching the scale and then more recently about yoga and so you'll know I've been reading Sarah Fragoso's blog, EverydayPaleo. Well, some of the articles I link to in those posts were actually written by Jason Seib, who was contributing to her blog. I follow both Sarah and Jason on Facebook and not too long ago one or both of them said that they were working on something very cool to be released in November. They hinted that it would be something that would help with weight lifting. I thought maybe it would be a workout video. I had no idea what it would really end up being.

Well, what it ended up being is Everday Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness. And what it is, is exactly what I needed and was looking for. I absolutely love it. 

So what is it, practically speaking? It's a workout program starting at the beginning and progressing at my own speed. It's a place where I can upload my moves and have either Jason or Sarah critique them to make sure my form is spot on. It's a forum where other paleo eaters are trying to do exactly what I am--get healthy and strong. It's a wealth of information in the forms of both writing and videos. It's simply awesome.

And so, I'm working on lifting heavy weights. I'm walking. I'm doing "metcons". I'm stretching and will be doing mobility work (as soon as the postman delivers my foam roller and lacrosse ball.) And it's not easy. I am so not strong in so many areas and so the workouts are a challenge, but you know what, I'm loving every minute of it.

If you're looking for something else or new as far as working out goes, or if you want support on your paleo journey, I highly recommend checking it out.

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