Saturday, December 31, 2011

After Christmas Fun

Here's some of the fun we had right after Christmas...

Lindsay asked for colored duct tape and ended up with like 5 rolls. So, she spent some time making bracelets.

The girls both got paleo tshirts and love them. Kera's says "eat like a dinosaur" and Lindsay's I think is pretty clear in the picture. 

Hard at work

I got The family received an under cabinet stereo/cd player for Christmas so Erik was my hero and installed it.

I did help him, really I did.

Kera got two really cool puzzles, so we spent a good couple days working on puzzles. In fact, I think I may have "puzzled" more than the kids. I really like puzzles and once I start one I get kind of obsessed to finish it. It made me think it would be fun to get more puzzles. Like really big complicated ones...

Did you get anything fun for Christmas?

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