Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Goal #76 - Send in Broken Shade to be Fixed

Goal #76 -- Send in Broken Shade to be Fixed--Completed!!
Ten years ago we bought our house and ordered some custom blinds for several of the windows.
A couple months ago, the pull strings on one of those blinds broke. Erik fiddled with it, thinking he could fix it if he only had the right type of cord. We called Smith&Noble to see if there was anyway to just get some cord since we couldn't find our original order information. They were able to look up our order and find that this particular blind is covered by their lifetime warranty. All we had to do was take it down, get the information off the bottom and package it up for shipping. 

I was seriously impressed with their customer service on this. Everyone I talked to was super helpful and I was completely blown away by the fact that they could find our original order from that long ago and when we'd ordered from a different address.

But then, as life goes, we got busy and took a while to get that blind down and ready for shipping. It was right about that time I was making my goals list, so I plunked that item down. I didn't want us to take so long that we missed the window of opportunity to get it fixed.

A couple weekends ago, we finally rounded up some cardboard and wrapped up the blinds. (They are really long, it took 2 boxes duct taped together). UPS picked it up within a couple days, and then Monday I came home to a recognizable package on the front porch. It was back!!

Since Monday was Halloween, we just set it aside til we had some time to deal with it, which was today. Erik unwrapped it and rehung it and now our window has a blind again. Yay! Should be good for another ten years or so. 

And, so, I get to mark off goal number seventy-six as completed. Woohoo!

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