Monday, October 31, 2011


Let's roundup the yum's I cooked, ate and fed my family this past week....

"Make it Paleo's Grain Free Granola" served with some coconut milk (the stuff out of a can). This was a time consuming recipe, but after one bite I decided it was totally worth it. So good!! I was really ready for a different option for breakfast besides eggs, so this will definitely fit the bill.

Everyday Paleo's Pollo Con Salsa Roja. Excellente! This was easy--threw it in the crock pot in the morning and tasty for dinner. 

Everyday Paleo's Garlic Beef Stew with Acorn Squash. I saw this recipe in the cookbook this past summer and have been eagerly awaiting two things: squash to be in season and cool enough weather to warrant stew. Well, I got them and so I was excited to finally try this recipe. I really liked it, and my family was ok with the meat, but they didn't like the squash portion. It's too bad because this was another crock pot one, so to have it in my recipe rotation would be nice. 

On Saturday I made a late breakfast of frittata with chicken-apple sausage, mushrooms and part of a red pepper combined with Banana-Blueberry Muffin recipe from Elana's Almond Flour Cookbook. I really liked these muffins because they had no added sweetener-just what is naturally in the banana and berries.

I got to make them with my new silicone baking cups, which rock by the way. The muffins came out in one piece and very easily. 

Ah, tacos. No, those are not shells you see under the lettuce. It's jicama! A wonderfully creative recipe from the Primal Palate, "Jicama Tacos". You slice the jicama really thin and soak in water for a bit and then they are really flexible. This was an awesome recipe! And I loved the meat seasoning, too. I also whipped up their Game Day Guacamole and it was super good, as well. (Can't really go wrong with avocado in my book!)

And, yet one more reason why you should buy their new cookbook, "Make it Paleo"...
Coconut Flour Waffles!!
Topped with sauteed banana and pecans and a small dash of pure maple syrup.

Made for an awesome breakfast this morning!

On the docket for this week:

Fruit Dip  with fruit (duh!) for Book Club along with
Hot Pepper Hummus (MiP) and veggies
Kale Salad with Eggs for breakfast one morning

Monday-- Halloween!! Chili with Spaghetti Squash, Apple Cake (My Dad's favorite for his birthday and this Cinnamon Apple Cake
Tuesday--Pulled Pork with BBQ sauce (all from Make it Paleo)
Wednesday--Jambalaya from Paleo Comfort Food
Thursday--Salmon, veggies
Saturday--MM's Favorite Sandwich (I may buy the kids and E rolls for this as a surprise, but it's quite good in lettuce cups too)
Sunday--Salmon Cakes (These are awesome. Kera overheard me saying I was going to make them and she got all excited "Salmon Cakes!".) 

What are you making this next week? Or did you try a new recipe last week that was awesome? Tell me about it!

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