Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekly Menu

Ah, I love a three day weekend! The girls don't have school today due to teachers' PIR day, so we've had the luxury of sleeping in and just dinking around so far this morning. I love it! We will have to get some things done here in a bit, but for now I'm relishing the ability of lounging around in my pj's with my coffee. The only negative to it is that I'm drinking decaf. Last week I decided I was drinking too much caffeine and that I needed to cut back. So last week I allowed myself 2 caffeinated americano's (We don't use a drip coffeemaker but an espresso machine--I made the espresso and add hot water=americcano. Way better than drip coffee!). This week I'm down to one caffeinated drink. Then I can have a little decaf. The goal of course, is to get down to no caffeinated coffee--maybe I'll go back to green tea, with some decaf coffee just for the flavor. I love the flavor of coffee.

Okay, so anyways, onto our menu for this week!

I'm just going to talk about the dinner plan since breakfast and lunch is much of the same. How about if I just tell you if breakfast/lunch is different and otherwise you can assume it's the same ol' same ol'? Sounds good.

Dinner September 26-October 2

Monday: "Spaghetti" (Ground beef+leftover spaghetti sauce from last week's pizza+shredded zucchini), with Brussels Sprouts.
Tuesday: Chicken No-Tortilla Soup (new recipe)
Wednesday: Crab Salad with some random veggies
Thursday: Leftovers (or if there isn't any, Breakfast for Dinner)
Friday: Slow Cooker Kalua Pig for Family Group Dinner (friends of ours went to Hawaii over the summer and brought us back some Hawaiian sea salt mix, so it's not exactly what is required in this recipe, but I believe it will have the same result)
Saturday: Dinner out?Maybe a date?
Sunday: Lime Salmon (haven't gotten to this one yet, so it keeps getting put on the list!)

Odds & Ends:
Bone Broth
Egg Nests (hopefully we'll get to these and I can share the recipe with ya)

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