Sunday, September 25, 2011

There's Nothing Like a Good Romance *Sigh*

I went to the public library all by myself on Friday. It was heavenly. I browsed and wandered through the adult book section for a while, looking for books on my wish list and just looking. I did sort of feel bad that the girls were missing it--they do love going to the library. But they go to their school library every week, so it's not like I'm depriving them. Because not having anything new to read would be deprivation you know. 

So as I wandered around, I was excited to finally find this book available. It's new so is only available for 14day checkout's and I've looked in the new book section every time I've gone to the library for the past few months. This was the first time I actually found it, so I was stoked. I decided I'd better read it first since it's only a 14day loaner, so I started it Friday evening. I finished it last night around midnight.

Yes, that's a late night. But, Erik is playing at the sand dunes with his four-wheelers, so I tend to stay up late reading when he's gone. I may have stayed up anyways, however, because it was a really fun read. I've followed Ree's blog for a short time now, (short compared to how long she's been blogging) and her writing style is so down to earth and hilarious. This is the story of how she met and fell in love with her now husband, "Marlboro Man". I don't typically read romance novels, I'm more of a detective/thriller type, but this one was really good. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

 It is a refreshingly sweet romance that will remind you that true love does exist and might even remind you how much you love your hubby, I know it did for me! Maybe that last one is because he's been gone for a couple of days, hee hee. 

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  1. It's on my list of to-reads but I've heard mixed reviews. Nice to hear a really positive one!


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