Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lunches, Thursday Sept 15

 The girls are really enjoying their new lunchboxes. Lindsay is so funny, she was telling her sister not to tell anyone where we got them if anyone asks. Something about people forgetting who was the first to have them at school. Funny. Of course people will ask where they got them--they are super cool and not too common! If I had a job that took me outside of the house everyday for lunch, I'd probably get one too! hee hee. But, in all seriousness, they are working great. The girls have no problems opening the containers at school, and the solid food stays in the smaller containers just fine without lids. They hold enough food even for my big eater (Lindsay) although she's been stashing extra carrot sticks, fruit leather and even a portable applesauce in the top pocket too. My only complaint is that regular forks do not fit in the side hole made for silverware--just the fork that came with the kit. Just means I have to wash it by hand if the dishwasher is not being run. Not a huge deal but a small detail that I could do without.

Lindsay's lunch (clockwise) Peanut butter & Jelly Sandwich on sugar-free,grain-free bread, jerky and a babybel, turkey meat, lettuce with homemade italian dressing. She also had a fruit leather, carrot sticks and one of the squeezy applesauces in the outer pocket.

Kera's lunch (clockwise): PB&J (just like Lindsay), blueberries, a homemade lara bar and some baked sweet peas, salad with carrots and cherry tomato and Ranch dressing.

The girls will be eating their salad with spoons today, so that'll be interesting. 

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  1. Oh these look great! I am thankful you found lunch boxes that work for you. So far the Easy Lunch Box is working great for my kiddos. And I was just thinking I really need to make one for myself!


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