Friday, September 16, 2011

Detectives and Rangers

Okay, so I have a cute/funny story for you. I have a dear friend from college who loves to read as much (actually, probably more than) I do. She's always been a great resource for ideas on "what to read". Well, since Lindsay is starting to dig into some young adult level books, my friend recommended a series that both Lindz and I would enjoy, "The Rangers Apprentice" series by John Flanagan. So this summer I checked the local library a couple of times, but we never found Book 1, and since both her and I like to read books in order, we resisted checking out any of the other books in the series.

Last Friday Lindsay came home from school and proudly showed me the books she'd checked out from her school library. (She gets 4 every week). One was one of the sequels to "Bunnicula", which was an awesome kids' book that I read back in the day, and another was, dun dun dun, "The Ruins of Gorlan (Rangers Apprentice Book 1)!! That girl--she'd remembered we were looking for it and grabbed it when she saw it at school. Not only that, but she let me read it first! He he he. That's a first, me reading one of her school library books!

So, it only took me a couple of nights, but that was with me forcing myself to turn off the light at 10 p.m. I could've easily stayed up til midnight to finish it. It was great! Hattie, you were so right on, it is right up our alley--well mine at least! We'll see if Lindsay renews it today so she can read it. I loved it--the characters are endearing and there's action and fantasy and good vs. evil---all the elements that I personally love in a book. And since it's a series, I have lots more stories of Will (The Ranger's Apprentice) to enjoy!

The other "find" I have had lately when it comes to books and reading, is the author Lisa Gardner. She writes a great suspense/detective novel. I got one of her novels for free on my Kindle, which was my introduction to her, so after reading that and enjoying it, I looked at the library for any more of her books. She's got quite a few, actually. So I checked out a decent sized pile and have already made my way through a couple, specifically "The Third Victim" and "The Survivors Club", both of which were great. So if you like a good detective/suspense novel, these are just exactly that.

How about you? What types of books do you tend to enjoy? Have you read any good books lately? Or have any on your list that you want to read? C'mon folks, give me some interaction here!


  1. YAY, YAY, YAY! So glad you liked it! It is totally up your alley and mine and hopefully Lindsay's as well! I love them. I've already pre-ordered the "prequel" and the Skandian book. Now I just have to flesh out my collection! ;-) Enjoy the rest of them. They only get BETTER!

  2. Oooh, I've never read a Lisa Gardner book before but she's definitely going on my to-read list! I haven't read The Ranger's Apprentice but know my boys have. Thanks for linking up!


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