Thursday, July 7, 2011

Did someone lose a horse?

We had two free days this past week, so we packed up the camper and drove down the 'Root to one of our favorite camping areas: Lost Horse. It was just Erik, Lindsay and I since Kera was up at the lake getting some one-on-one time with her Grandma and Papa. We left Missoula somewhat early, got to our campsite,set up the camper (which is easier than a tent I think), cut up some wood that someone so graciously left there...

loaded up some snacks and drove up to the Camas Creek trailhead.

There were wildflowers everywhere

Lindsay wasn't super excited about this hike because it was the next day after she and I did Mt. Sentinel. To be honest, my legs were a little tired, too.

We loved the all the beargrass

The hike was beautiful and led us through all variety of landscape...we had shadowed and damp canyon with lots of streams and moss and ferns...

We had some great vista's of the Bitterroot valley below us

We had rocky areas..

And we had streams to cross, luckily most of them had log bridges to help us.

That water was running fast, though, it still made my heart beat faster when crossing this one!

And, we had snow!!!

There will still piles of snow up at the top near the lake, which I thought was pretty impressive for July!

The lake was beautiful.

We hung out here for a couple hours, eating snacks, exploring and doing some fishing. It was refreshing.

The fishing was pretty good. The fish are little but you catch one with almost every cast. If we ever hike up to camp out there, we'd plan on fish dinner for sure!

So much snow still in the high country.

Cool trees.

Another view of the lake

Daddy and Lindsay goofing off

Daddy and Lindsay behaving

On our hike back, we came upon this creek which was right at the beginning of the hike. Only, hours before when we'd started our hike, there were rocks and logs sticking out of this water that we could step on. Now, it had risen at least a foot, it was running down the trail and there were no stepping stones. Upon seeing this, my heart  immediately skipped a beat. How would we cross it? 

Turns out, we would take off our hiking boots, tie them around our necks, grab some big walking sticks to help with balance and we would walk right on through the water. I admit, I was scared we would fall and go downstream or break a toe on the rocks we couldn't see under the water. But we didn't. All we got was very cold feet and dry hiking boots. It was exhilarating after I got done being scared. Quite the hike I'd say!

The water was flowing hard and fast after all that sunshine and warm temps during the day!

When we got back to our campsite, we decided it was time to soak our tired tootsies in the cold creek water.

It was a beautiful color of green/gold. I was amazed at how clear this run-off water was, since usually run off is rather muddy. We enjoyed our foot soak for as long as we could stand it, then we cooked dinner.

After dinner we were so hot and sticky from our hike that Erik and I each braved a whole body dip in the creek. It was cold, but refreshing. The mosquitoes were pretty bad, so we didn't last too long around the fire, only long enough to make s'mores and then we retreated to our camper. (Have I mentioned how much I love our camper?). 

All in all, it was a jam-packed camping trip with lots of memories made in just 24 hours! I can't wait until we can go back there.

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