Thursday, July 7, 2011

Lindsay's Crazy Canyon Hike

While doing our Crazy Canyon hike, Lindsay and I thought it would be fun if she wrote a blog from her perspective about the hike. This entry is all hers: she picked out the photos and told me what to type.

This was the first pretty flower we saw on the hike. We saw a lot of them. I think it's a Blue Beardtongue.

In this picture there are blue lupine and some yellow daisy type flowers. We saw a lot of lupine, they were everywhere.

This is an orange Indian paintbrush that I saw when we were on the hike. I think it looks pretty.

These are Bitterroot flowers. We either saw them at the top or in the middle of the hike, I can't remember. My mom couldn't tell me how happy she was when she saw these. She thinks they are the prettiest flowers on earth. You only have one chance to see them for the whole year and then they are gone and they only grow in specific areas, so to see them bloom is lucky.

These were pretty white flowers that we saw along the way. They are very small. 

This was the first pretty view we saw, almost to the top. It shows East Missoula. When you see this on the hike it means you are really close to the top.

This is me and my mom standing near the top. It's really sunny at the top and not as pretty as the middle of the hike. But it has the prettiest view of Missoula. I had fun hiking this with my Mom.

This is Alvin. I'm not sure where the other 2 chipmunks are. My mom didn't know Alvin was big on hiking.

We saw a Mountain Lady's Slipper. I think it looks like a princess slipper that Cinderella wore. We had two pictures of them but this was the best.

I thought the hike was fun. It was the first and best hike my Mom ever went on. She likes it because it has pretty flowers and it has beautiful views. It is seven miles long, only we thought we lost the way of the trail but we didn't, so we actually went almost 7.5 miles. Mom saw two people she'd met before, one she use to work with at Taco Johns and one we use to go to church with. I thought this hike was really long and my feet hurt because I was only wearing crocs. I thought I was going to die at the end because I was so tired and hot and my feet hurt. So I started kicking a pine cone to keep me busy and happy all the way home. It made me tired but kept me from whining. We ate lunch at the top with sandwiches made with 2 pieces of bread, but the bread was really dry. My reward for doing good on the hike and not whining too much was that we got ice cream at Dairy Queen. I got a blizzard that was Oreo flavored. It was delicious! And it was my first blizzard I ever ate. And that was my hike. I would like to do it again soon.


  1. Great job, Lindz! Well-written blog post. You're a natural! ;-)


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