Monday, June 20, 2011


Seven years ago today, my "baby"  was born. 
That year, the 20th landed on Father's Day.

I cannot believe she's already seven and going into 2nd grade. 
These past 7 years have gone so fast.

My "baby" has grown into a loving, considerate little girl who truly cares about others.
It amazes me sometimes the compassion and thought she shows towards others.
She's my talker-head and my fashionista with style all her own.
And I love her just how she is.

We're having an outdoor sprinkler party today, only we woke up to grey clouds and sprinkles coming from the sky. Looks like we'll be renting a movie for Plan B! It'll be fun, no matter what she and her friends do, though.

So, Happy Birthday to my baby girl, I love you Kera!

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  1. A great day to be born in my opinion. I may be biased because it's also my birthday. lol Happy birthday to her!


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