Friday, June 17, 2011

Kerr Dam

This afternoon we went to see the spillway on Kerr Dam.

It has been cool and cloudy all day, but luckily, we had no rain.

To get to the vantage point  you have to go down a long set of stairs.

It gave me a little vertigo, but I don't do well with heights anyways and the stairs were a weird height.

The view was pretty good even on the way down.

And the noise! The running water was so loud.

There is more water than normal coming off the lake this year. We had an extremely wet winter and spring and have had some flooding areas all over the state.

The water is running high and fast.

And every gate on the dam is open, which isn't normal. The last time we saw this I think there were 4 or 5 gates open. (See the rainbow?)

The spray coming off the water was pretty.

Looking at the massive amounts of water.

Pretty blue water.

The water coming out of the dam.

 Us minus Kera

Everything is sooo green.

More green!

Another view.



Me and Erik, self-taken

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