Monday, June 13, 2011

Hitting the Library

Today is the first official day of summer vacation. I love it! Days like these make me super grateful for my "gig". First, I slept in. It was heavenly. I try not to make a habit of it, but after getting up at the crack of dawn to run 8 miles yesterday, it was much needed. I got up, fed the girls and I (leftover egg frittata and fruit smoothies), drank a couple cups of coffee (sans whipping cream, boo hoo) and then got our teeth and hair brushed to leave the house.

We had planned on hiking the 'M'....

See the zig-zag trail leading up to the white "M" behind the building? It's short, less than a mile but rather steep (thus the zillion switchbacks) and so when you get to the top you have an awesome view of the city. The girls have never done this hike before (well, Lindsay did as a baby in the pack) and so it's on the agenda for the summer. Personally, I hate this hike. But for my kids I'll put aside my strong feelings and take them so they can say they've done it.

Alas, when we woke up, it was cloudy and rainy, so we decided to skip it for today. Instead we headed to the library for some summer reading material and to Costco for some food.  

My girls love the library, which warms my heart immensely. We spent 2 hours there and it could've gone much longer. They pick out piles and piles of books, then sit down and page through them while I peruse the adult section. 

This is Lindsay's pile. What is that, twelve books? A majority of them are graphic novels, which both the girls are loving right now, but there are some chapter books in there too. These might last her the 3 weeks until they are due. 

This is my pile. I had this nice list I had compiled of all the books on my Amazon wishlist, but I forgot to actually bring it into the library with me. So I was forced to punt and try to remember authors and/or book titles. I'm horrible when it comes to remembering anything names. I was pretty pleased with the ones I was able to pick up. I'm sure I'll let you know how I like them. 

And Kera's pile. She's not as big of a reader as Lindsay, and she actually prefers the graphic novels--I think because there are less words. She'll probably read some of Lindsay's too, though.

After we gathered our books and got Kera her own library card, off we headed to Costco. It was after lunchtime by then and we were all starving, so I gave in and got them the dirt cheap hotdogs in the deli. Those suckers are HUGE and only cost $1.50. Each girl ate one on her own and I ate one without the bun. Not my ideal lunch but better than other options and then I wasn't so starving that I ate the samples all over the store! It was busy there, though, and that makes shopping with 2 kids in tow kind of hard. Why do they have to hold on to the cart and walk alongside it? Why can't they just follow me or lead the way? Shopping with kids is tough! By the time we got our groceries and made it home, where I had to unload everything and put it all away, the day was mostly spent and I was exhausted, but at least I won't have to go back there for a month or so.

Now it's time to figure out what we're eating for dinner and hopefully squeeze a work out in, and if I'm lucky, a shower too! :-)

A side note/question....I've had at least one reader that I know of for sure tell me about not being able to comment, so I wanted to see if anyone else is having that trouble...
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  1. I'm a librarian so YAY FOR LIBRARY VISITS. Sorry about the yelling but I get so happy when parents encourage their little people to read.

    I did not know that there are Nancy Drew graphic novels. How very cool! I loved those books when I was a kid.

    I reward my kids with a hike during the summer, they love it. And it's beautiful and scenic. I hope it goes better with the girls and that it's more enjoyable.

    So far no commenting issues but I haven't hit "Post Comment" yet so we'll see...


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