Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hiking the "M"

Today dawned beautiful, so we filled our water bottles, put on our shoes and headed over to the University area.

The girls were excited to get going.

Not too bad (at first)

They loved the view. Wanted me to take a picture of the Grizzly Stadium even before we made it to the top.

The trail is about a mile, but its steep and all switchbacks and the girls took rests at almost every resting point.

This was about halfway. The clock tower on the University of Montana campus.

We live in that direction.

The other way.


So happy to be at the "M".

Climbing higher on the "M"

Scaring her mother.

Coming back down on her butt.

A view of Missoula from the "M". 

More view.

We ran into one of our neighbors and fellow "bus-stop-mom" on the trail and she offered to take our picture.

Both girls scaring me.

Girls with Missoula stretching out behind them. Immediately after this, my camera's batteries croaked. This would be the last picture!

Now the girls can say they've climbed the "M". I can't say they'll want to do it again anytime soon (there was much whining) but oh well, I don't blame them, it isn't my favorite hike, either!

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