Friday, June 10, 2011

School's Out for Summer!

Today is a good day.
It was the last day of school for my girls. 

Kera, on the start of her last day as a 1st grader. My how she's grown!

She's excited!

And Lindsay, my almost 4th grader. How did that happen? 
Seriously, I remember 4th grade still, how is it I have a kid that age?!

She's so stinkin' cute.

They both are.


We packed a picnic lunch and met a bunch of friends at a local park after school got out at 11 a.m.
We ate and the kids played, it was fun and wonderful to have sunshine after weeks of rain.

The girls and some of their friends decided to play in the spray park area despite the fact that they hadn't brought their swimsuits.

This park has an old fashion merry go round.

At one point my friend Yvonne called me over to take some pictures of her one year old in the water. At first he seemed to like it....

Isn't he adorable?!

But that didn't last long!

It wasn't super hot, so the girls got cold. Here's Kera trying to warm herself in the sunshine. Her dress is soaking wet at this point.

It was a fun afternoon and a great way to get this thing called summer vacation started!!

Woohoo, bring on the fun!!!

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