Thursday, April 14, 2011

Three hours of shopping and only 1 pair of socks?

While we were in Reno, we went shopping at various places that we don't have at home. The top two on my list were Trader Joe's and Sierra Trading Post. We hit Trader Joe's first, well actually I went with my sister-in-law and left all the kiddos with Erik. I love that store. It was really hard to limit myself to shelf stable things to haul home--it would be wonderful if I could try some of the produce, refrigerated and frozen goods. Oh well, I loaded up on enough dried fruit, jerky and nuts to last us quite a while. We did end up visiting the Sierra Trading Post the day before we left and found a few things to bring home. It wasn't as fruitful (ha ha) as Trader's though, I guess it's kind of a hit or miss type place. Oh well.

But the one place we shopped that definitely takes the cake, would have to be Scheels. It's a sporting good store that is seriously HUGE! Not only did they have every sporting good you could possibly need, but they also had a coffee/goodie shop, both freshwater and a salt water fish tanks (HUGE ONES), a kids play area (structure similar to at McD's with ladders, slides and tubes to crawl through) complete with kiddie climbing wall....

But that's not all. There is also a ferris wheel in the middle of the store. 
Yeah, you heard me right, a full-sized ferris wheel! 

The expression on my SIL's face is hilarious. She wasn't actually scared, she's just a ham.

We spent THREE hours at this store, at least. Browsing, shopping, trying on, and just letting the kids play. The last thing we did was go on the ferris wheel. 

Everyone (but me, I don't do heights) had a good enough time on it the first ride, that they did it again.

See how tall it is?!

It was the most interesting and unique shopping experience that I've ever had, and the funny thing is the only thing I bought was a pair of socks!


  1. I love my Trader Joes. Not sure what I would do without it! That definately looks like an amazing shopping experience, and fun too!

  2. What fun!! We don't have a Trader Joes around here that I know of. Thanks for sharing those fun photos.

  3. What an awesome sporting goods store to visit! I wanna go there! ;-)


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