Monday, April 18, 2011

Fashion Show

 The other day the girls pulled out their play make-up and their dresses from their Aunt Kelly at Christmas and proceeded to give me a fashion show. 
Like any good mom/photographer, I pulled out my camera and made it a real fashion show.
Here are my lil' divas...

Can you see Lindsay in the background waiting for her turn?
They took turns walking out into the living room and doing some poses and twirls.
For some reason they each had a matching stuffed animal with them.

Pink cheeks!

Finally it was Lindsay's turn...

Their poses were interesting...

Next, they posed together..

I love how Lindsay has the "model" look and Kera is just smiling happily.

Then they insisted that I give them each a score. And I couldn't give them the same score. Someone had to "win". This picture is them telling me to just "give them a score". 

I gave Kera a 9.5 and Lindsay a 9. 
Lindsay was missing shoes and I didn't want anyone to have a perfect score of 10--I thought it would cause a argument or some other sisterly drama. 

Amazingly, they didn't fight about their scores and played in their fashion get-ups a while longer.

They are so funny sometimes, it just warms my heart.

I promise one of these days I'll actually do more than post pictures of my cute kids, but for now it's all I got in me folks!

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