Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Paleo, Two Months!

It's already been 2 months? Wowzers. That seems like such a long time. I can remember when I was just gearing up to do the whole "30 day challenge" thing and I kept telling myself that I could "do anything for 30 days. It's just 30 days." And now look at me, 60 days in and no problems. This has seriously been one of the easiest changes in eating styles I've ever done. It feels sort of like second nature now. That makes me happy.

You wanna know what else makes me happy? 
The results! 
So far I have seen/felt some very encouraging benefits:
-Weight loss--I lost another 3 lbs this past month which puts me at a total of 6 lbs lost! Seriously, even with  all the calorie counting and chronic cardio of the past few years and I didn't lose weight (and feel good doing it!) like this.
-Clothes--my pants are getting baggy--I have to cinch up my belt to a notch I've never used before and I've been able to pull a couple of tops out of the closet that I wasn't wearing because they were too tight. I think my bathing suit is getting too big as well and I'm going to be due for new bras, too, (unfortunately).
-Although I've been struggling with a cold, my only real one this season, on and off for the past few weeks, I feel great other than that. I don't get starving between meals, which I love and I do not miss the sugar crashes at all. Like I said before, my kp is looking better and actually my skin in general is not too shabby. You ladies will appreciate this next one--I was amazed that during my monthly I didn't get the "got to have salt/sugar" cravings like normal. Well, I did get some but they were so much calmer than they would've been before.

So yeah. I like this new me. :-)

On to the food!
Leftover salsa chicken cooked in the crock pot, over spinach, topped with beets. 
Yum! I seriously cannot wait until I can go to the farmer's market and my in-law's garden and feast on some fresh out-of-the ground beets. These were tasty!!

Another Nom Nom Paleo recipe--"Damn Fine Chicken".
Instead of only using thighs/drumsticks, I used a whole chicken cut up and this was yummy. Even the girls loved it. There is just something about eating chicken meat off the bone that is way more satisfying than cutting up a chicken breast. I ate this with some coleslaw, more beets, part of a roasted sweet potato and some cauliflower mash. 

Another view.

This picture does no justice to the tastiness of this meal. This keeper came from Sarah Fragoso over at Everyday Paleo (the cookbook comes out soon!), it's called "Pot Roast". (he he he). The first thing was that it cooked in my crock pot all day making my house smell oh so good. Secondly, it was meat and veggies all in one--I love easy dinners like that. And thirdly, it just tasted wonderful. Moist, tender meat and tasty veggies. The only thing that would've made it better was a side of mashed cauliflower. 

Salmon. You either love it or you hate it. I love it. And I especially loved this recipe. Super easy and all of my family ate it up, even the picky one. But she did help me cook it, so that might've helped too. This one came from The Food Lover's Primal Palate, "Lime Pepper Salmon". I can't wait to eat some leftover salmon on salad today for lunch!

So, there you have it. Not all the meals we ate, I've been rather lazy about capturing everything on camera. Like last night we had tasty spare ribs but I forgot to take pictures. Oh well! Next time, I suppose!

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  1. Good job on the weightloss, and on going past 30 days! I'm getting ready to start a Master Cleanse and I'm using a similar philosophy of "I can do anything for 10 days". We'll see hwo that works haha.


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