Friday, April 29, 2011

Something about my family....

I was looking through the pictures I've taken this month to see if there was anything that
would inspire an entertaining blog entry.
I haven't been too interesting this week, what with being sick and all.
I figured the least I could do was entertain a bit.

I was struck with an interesting observation....

I'm excited for the circus to start, Lindsay is just plain weird.

My family and I--we are weird.

My brother's Easter face.

My father's Easter face. He's having some dental issues lately.

 There were very few pictures in which we have normal expressions.

When asked to pose for an Easter picture, Kera puts her basket on her head. Wouldn't you?

Lindsay, without a basket, then puts her plastic bag on her head. Can you see her in the background?

And so my nephew follows their example and puts his basket on his head.

Or normal behaviors.

And my sister mockingly poses for the camera. Although, she's not weird, I think she's actually pretty beautiful.

Yeah, we're weird and I'm proud of it!

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