Sunday, May 1, 2011

She said what?

I had a rough day yesterday--actually the night before yesterday. I felt horrible and didn't really sleep. So what did I do? First thing in the morning I called my Mom for help. She brought over some sudafed and afrin as well as her "doctor's bag". She looked in my ears and throat and listened to my lungs to see if there was  a need for me to go to the quick care. There wasn't. So she filled me full of over-the-counter meds and left. Did I mention that I love my mom? She's awesome. Well, not too long after that, while I was resting on the couch, my nephew (he's 12) called to invite the girls to a movie. My dad would take them, but the fact that my nephew, who doesn't always get a long with the girls (especially Lindsay) called to invite them really impressed my girls. They immediately went downstairs to craft thank you cards for him. I didn't get a look at Lindsay's, but Kera proudly showed me hers.....

"Thank you! Austin for in fiting ass."

translated from "spell as it sounds language" to English:

Thank you! Austin for inviting us.

I had to laugh at that. Of course, in her innocence, she had no idea what she had really spelled, so I let her give it him anyways. It's the heart that counts, right? Besides, she'll look at that in ten years and laugh.

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  1. Gotta love that phonetic spelling. Welcome to my world :) Those early writing pieces are classic.


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