Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Paleo Eats

This post is going to be quick and to the point. Although I feel great eating paleo, I've recently discovered that it hasn't kept me, or my youngest, from getting a nasty cold bug that is going around. She's sick and home from school on day #2 and I'm going on 10 days of this crud. My voice is low and scratchy and my cough dry and annoying. I actually sound way worse than I feel, but I still feel like crud. So, without further ado, here's the yummy new recipes I tried this past week, or at least the ones I remembered to take pictures of....

These were yummy, everyone loved them and I enjoyed the leftovers for a couple days.
No those aren't mashed potatoes. They are my new favorite, garlic mashed cauliflower.

Me and the girls set out to make something "yummy" and decided to try a recipe from The Food Lovers Primal Palate.  They have a ton of primal/paleo dessert and goodie recipes, including the to-die-for Chocolate Chip Cookies that I've made a couple of times. I didn't have a ton of ingredients, but I did have some dark chocolate (thank you Trader Joe's!) and almond butter, so we whipped up some truffles.

Lindsay stirring the dark chocolate to make Dark Chocolate Mocha Truffles.
They were yummy. I have them in the freezer and we've been having one every once in a while because they are pretty rich. But pretty easy and very tasty.

We went to the circus over the weekend and I wanted something fairly easy to throw together for dinner when we got home. I cut the beef and prepped the veggies for this recipe before we went, so that when we got home, I just had to season the meat and load the skewers. It cooked in about 10 minutes and was all inclusive with the meat/veggies. Very tasty and easy, so yeah, the title is right on! Easy Steak Skewers

Easter morning pancakes with strawberries and real whipped cream (made with no added sugar) and bacon.
I wanted something fun and different from eggs for Easter morning, so I whipped up these pancakes made with coconut flour. They were really tasty and I loved that they weren't as "grainy" as ones made with almond meal. Erik went back for 2nds and although the girls both ate a couple, they still prefer normal pancakes. I'm thinking it wouldn't be too bad to invest in some gluten-free pancake mix for them for occasional treats, that would be better than regular ol' wheat flour ones. Also, the girls' birthdays are coming up so I'm trying to figure out what to do about their birthday cakes. I'm kind of leaning towards doing gluten-free as opposed to completely grain-free, but I'm not sure yet. I want them to like their cake but I want it somewhat healthy. So maybe the step between gluten-filled and grain-free would be good?

I have no pictures of it, but I whipped up a meatloaf for the girls and I on Monday night, and it was tasty!! Next time I need to mince my onions way smaller--like invisible--for their sake, but it tastes way good. Both ate it up. Just like most of my recipes this week, it came from EverydayPaleo. I seriously cannot wait for that cookbook!! 

Spicy Rub Chicken with Brussel Sprouts
LOVED this recipe. Super easy, cooked in my crock pot all day and the meat was moist and tasty. Now I have a chicken carcass to make soup out of too--I love that! 

This brussel sprouts recipe was good, but I think I like the bacon one I made a few weeks back, better. But, heck, everything is better with bacon! ;-)

Okay, off to go turn on a movie for sick girl and drink some hot tea for my throat. I don't foresee much else getting done today! 

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