Monday, April 25, 2011

Go ahead, make me cry

As you know, I love to read and I always have. As a result, I've read a lot of books in my life. Hundreds, or thousands probably. I enjoy most of them just for the act of reading, but I don't always remember them. In fact I've been known to buy a book because it sounds good, then get partially into it before I realize I already read it. Oops! Of all the books I've read, a majority of the ones I would call my favorites have had good ol' happy endings. I really like a happy ending--when all the problems are solved and the main character is happy at the ending. No loose ends and no heartbreak. Ironically, the other ones that I really enjoy are the ones that make me cry. In fact, often times I use that as a deciding factor. If it makes me cry, it is a good book. Actually, that goes for movies, too.
I'm not exactly sure why this is, but it is. And I am not entirely sure it's normal. Case in point: Yesterday one of the girls' gifts from the "Easter Bunny" was the newest movie in the "Chronicle of Narnia", The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. We love these movies, and in fact I loved the books when I was about Lindsay's age or maybe a bit older. I've read them several times in the past ten years or so, but even then I don't always remember what happens in each book, so when watching the movies, things still surprise me. Anyways, since the girls have no school today, we decided to watch our new movie last night as a family. (Warning, spoilers ahead). It was a great movie and when we got to the end, I found myself crying. Even though it was a good ending--good won out over evil and we saw the wonderful changes in Eustace--it is still sad. Rippicheep goes on to Aslan's land, never to come back, and Aslan breaks the news to Edmund and Lucy that they won't be returning to Narnia. Lucy, the reason why the kids even made to to Narnia in the first place and the one who always believed in Aslan, won't be returning! It's sad, sad, sad!! But it's still a great ending, even though it's sad. Weird, huh?

So after the movie is over and the kids are tucked in to bed, I was talking to Erik about the movie. Basically, he doesn't like movies that are sad--it's not necessarily a factor for him in determining a movie is good. Or a book. He thinks that he read a few books as a kid (Old Yeller or The Trumpeter Swan, anyone?!) that ruined all things literary for him because they made him sad and he didn't like that. So, he doesn't like "cry movies". I also know that Kera doesn't like movies that make her sad, and she's kind of emotional so that's easy. She got really upset at the end of "Where the Wild Things Are" and wouldn't talk for quite a while. So, am I just weird that I like books and movies that make me emotional?  

It's weird--but there is just something refreshing about a good cry while watching a movie or reading a good book. It's cathartic, I think. Maybe it's the writer in me that appreciates a story well written enough to pull me in and empathize with the characters? I don't know. I think I may just be weird.

How do you feel about sad books/ movies? Does that signify a good story to you or are you like my hubby and think it's dumb? And what is the book/movie that made you cry the most?


  1. Happy endings are cool, but sometime, you look forward to a real good tear jerker!!! I like em all!

  2. Ummm if you are weird, than I am too- I also LOVE books/ movies that make me cry. I figure it's because I feel a deep emotion or connection to it.

    I do cry rather easily tho- Hallmark commercials get me everytime.

    Have you read Marley and Me? You will cry your eyes out (in the best way possible).


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