Monday, March 14, 2011

More Feathers

Well, I took my friend Aubrey's advice, and decided to go for it on the whole featherlocks thing.

They come in pairs, two little feathers attached to a tiny handful of your own hair with a metal bead that is flattened.
I picked a striped pink one paired with a striped grey one.

And I got two of them, both interspersed on the left side of my hair.

I really like them. I can wash, condition, blow dry, curl or straighten them along with the rest of my hair.
I like how they can blend in or stand out. When I straighten my hair they tend to be more noticeable than when I let it air dry curlyish and pin part of it back.
But I really do like them--they are fun!

I'm glad I stepped out of my comfort zone just a bit. :-) Now maybe I should branch out a bit in the wardrobe department and wear something other than jeans and sweatshirts!?


  1. I dare you to go for a cammie and button up sweater in leiu of a sweatshirt! Just a little step, but enough to go from frumpy to cute. hehehe. I make myself do it about once or twice a week as well. =P

    And I love those little feathers! So cute!

  2. Very cute. Funny how doing something a little different can make you feel special, huh? I agree with Melissa, a little cami with a cute cardigan over jeans would be super cute.

  3. I love the feathers! Nice job stepping out.


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