Friday, March 11, 2011


Due to my recent return to attempting to write, I've been reading some of my older stuff. I thought it might be fun to share some of my "flashbacks" with you. I wrote this one in college and it was first published in the Fall/Winter 1998 (I told you it was older) edition of "InLand: A Journal for Teachers of English Language" and later in my chapbook.

Mt. Sinopah

Tall and slender
her outline cuts into the blue sky around her.
Her cold chiseled stone face
reveals nothing of secrets buried
deep in the cavity of her chest.

His cries do not move her--his tears
fall, soaking the ground,
but she does not soften.
She watches as he stumbles.

The wind in the trees covers his screams
as she hears the last weak beats of his heart
against her cold body.

They search for him--for a trace
as days pass--empty.
Their calls echo against mountain walls.
Won't human grief move her to unearth
deadly secrets?

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  1. Ok, that is creepy! Sorry - that is not an artistic judgement by any means - it's a comment on the subject matter! Of course, I am easily creeped-out, so don't mind me!


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