Sunday, February 27, 2011

Pro's & Con's of the Kindle

Alright, I feel like I've owned and used my Amazon Kindle enough to share with you what I think about it, both positive and negative. Let me start off by saying, I truly do love it. I'm so happy that my wonderful husband bought it for me for Christmas. 

Here are some reasons I love it:
  • It's lightweight & portable. I took it to Mexico, read many books there and didn't have the extra 20 lbs in my luggage.
  • It's super easy to get new books--and some of them have great prices--I've gotten many for free or just $0.99.
  • It's super easy to read off of--not like a computer screen at all.
  • You can change the size of the text from minuscule to HUGE, which is great if you are nearsighted or trying to read on the treadmill. (Ha ha)
  • Amazon keeps track of the books you've bought on it, so there's no accidental double purchases.
  • I can underline and make notes and then later look at just my notes on any given book.
  • It's got some great little games on there that even my kiddo's can play.
  • The battery lasts a long time if you aren't online all the time. And its easy to go online or offline at the touch of a button.
  • There is a ton of memory on it, and even if you fill it up, you can archive the book and you still own it.
  • You can download free apps that enable you to read your books on you PC if you so choose, and you can sync that with the Kindle so you can pick up where you left off.
I have thought of some reasons that the Kindle won't entirely take over my "library":
  • It's almost too easy to get new books. I have five "pages" of them on there to read and yet I still look for new ones. I need to be careful not to spend all my entertainment allowance on books every month.
  • It's not great for reading in the bath. I'd be scared of dropping it and ruining it and I love to read in the bath.
  • The games are addicting. I've spent as much time playing on it as I have reading.
  • The charger is really specific. I lost mine and had to order a new one for almost $30 with shipping.
  • It's almost impossible to share a good book with a friend. Some of the books are sharing enabled, but the recipient has to have either a Kindle or the PC software to read it.
  • Some of the new books are more expensive in the Kindle version than the paperback.
  • Some of the free books are not super high quality "literature".
I guess that I still have more positives than negatives, and I still love it, don't get me wrong. Just wanted to share in case you were thinking about getting one. :-) And it was on my mind, so here ya go.


  1. You could just charge it on the computer with any microUSB cord... Of course, that takes more time than plugging it in to the wall! I bet you won't lose the cord again. ;-)

  2. I'll tell you one of my most recent reasons why I love my Kindle... I had a 2 week post op appt last Wednesday and when I got there, they informed me that the doctor was running about a half hour late. Now, since surgery, I've just been carrying a wristlet rather than my purse because I didn't want it smacking into me, so obviously I didn't have my Kindle with me! I called Roger, had him turn the wireless on my Kindle on and then I downloaded the Kindle app to my BlackBerry. As soon as I connected the accounts, I was able to download a book to my phone and pick up reading where I had left off on my Kindle! As soon as I got home, I went back to the Kindle and it knew where I had finished on my phone. :-) Love it!

    You should check out I use them to track books that aren't on Kindle yet (it will e-mail you when they become available) and if there are books that you want but are more than you want to pay, you can put them in and it will e-mail you as the price drops. Handy little site...

  3. Yeah, only I don't have anything else that uses a mircroUSB cable. *sigh* Yes, that is something I won't lose again!

    That's so cool that it coordinates with your Blackberry. I will definitely check out the website, thanks Jess!


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