Monday, February 28, 2011


Randomness, otherwise known in literary circles as stream of consciousness...

I had to laugh yesterday as I ran on the treadmill (I did 4 miles) when I listened to a song by New Kids on the Block and then one by Michael Jackson. And I mean a NKOTB song from back in the day because I was their biggest fan. And I think the MJ song was "Wanna be Starting Something", which is sorta old too. My mp3 is like that, new and old all mixed together. It's quite an eclectic collection of music. Running felt good though, although that might be because Erik was painting the back room at the same time and I was high on paint fumes. The room is gonna look good--it's light green. He still has to do trim and put in some flooring before we can start moving furniture back in. It was going to become a craft room but he's since decided he need a quiet room/den more. Not sure where all the furniture will go now, I have a feeling the basement it going to turn into a huger project of rearranging, sorting and just plain ol' throwing things away. I'm both excited and dreading it. I know it needs to be done but the amount of work it could turn into is a bit overwhelming. One thing at a time, I suppose though? Maybe it's because I am just so stinkin' tired today. It could be because we were up later than normal last night, had a double date after church with a young dating couple from church. They came over for dinner and then we all watched a movie. It was a good time and the movie, "Unstoppable" was awesome. However it did put my bedtime closer to midnight when I actually do much better when it happens closer to ten. Not sure if that's why I'm tired or if this new way of eating is finally catching up to me? Possibly. One thing I do know is that I really like coconut milk. Hadn't tried it until last night in this dish I made (which I will share more about later, I promise) and I was pleasantly surprised. I'm not much of a fan of coconut (more the texture as opposed to the flavor) but coconut milk actually doesn't really taste like coconut. It's kinda weird. I look forward to trying it in more recipes. I've gotten to try a bunch of new recipes lately also as a result of my going "paleo". I love trying new recipes. I don't want to go into detail on all that because I want to tomorrow, so stay tuned I guess. Right now I'm tuning into Pandora Radio, which if you haven't tried, you should. I love that I can plug in one song I like and get a slew of them, some new and some old. Much like my mp3. The one I have on right now I entitled, "Love the Way you Lie" because, yes, I admit it I like Eminem. But it's not all his music, it's like a bunch of other stuff too. I use to listen to music all the time. I'd play it to get ready in the morning, to do homework or write--I almost can't write without music--but now the only time I really ever listen is in the car. I think it's probably because I spend more time listening to my kids playing, talking to me or fighting. Half the time I turn music on but then have to turn it off because it just seems noisy. Wowzers, I'm turning into my mother. That was quick! :-) But that's okay, I love my mom and think she's pretty smart, so to be like her wouldn't be a bad thing. Although I think my personality is a good mix between her and my dad, unlike my brother who is totally my dad--a complete goofball. I think its funny how sometimes you an hear a song and it totally brings either a person or a memory to mind. Like almost every time I hear the Red Hot Chili Peppers, I think of my brother. Bone Thugs & Harmony or TuPac makes me think of my sister. Matchbox20 brings my college roommate Staci and all our adventures to mind. And then there's a song at church, "Glory, Glory, Hallelujah!" that totally reminds me of my dad's university glee club music. Whenever we sing it, I think of how I used to love listening to the record of it. Yes, a record! How funny. I just finished another cup of coffee and I'm still so very tired. Maybe if I go fold some laundry really quick before the girls get home it'll wake me up a bit. It's worth a try at least.

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