Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A day on the slopes

The weekend of my nephew's birthday, some dear friends of our family were in town to visit. They've been friends with us ever since my parents moved in next door to them 34 years ago. (If you do the math, I was not quite born yet). Craig and Ginger may as well be part of our family--their kids too--and it was wonderful to see them and introduce them to my family.
Since Craig is a ski instructor, Austin's birthday became a ski day and we spent Saturday up at SnoBowl, a local ski hill. Half of us skiied and the other half hung out in the lodge, which was super busy but still fun. Lindsay and Erik went out for 3 hours or so, without a break and by the time they closed the lift, Lindsay was one tired kiddo!

Amari & Kera, waiting for pizza

Tanya's boys

The birthday boy and his buddy

Me, Sissy and Tanya

Ginger wanted a family picture of the original five, so here we are. I cannot believe how tall Hodd is compared to us all. And I wish I would've done my hair.

Ginger makes a mean red velvet cake, and so that's what Austin got for his birthday cake. We are singing in this picture.

And then eating.

Hodd saw Ginger hanging out with Kera and made this comment, "She was probably like that with you." And when I turned to see this, it totally warmed my heart. That is how Ginger was with me and it was soo cool to see her with my kids. How wonderful when you've got friends like that. It was pretty cute, Ginger and Kera planned that for Kera's birthday this summer, we'll spend it in Seattle with Ginger's family, the two of them will bake a cake and then Kera and Ginger's daughter, Amie, (who make some absolutely beautiful birthday cakes) and Kera will make it look cool. I'm kinda thinking that is a wonderful idea. It would be great so see Amie and her family, too.

SIssy, Brutha and Me.

I sure do love my family.

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