Thursday, February 24, 2011

Enough already! Uncle! I surrender!

As I type this, it is right around seven degrees (Fahrenheit) outside, with a possible windchill anywhere from -10 to -20. And it's been blowing snow off and on all day.

I know that I live in the mountains in Montana and it's still only February.

I know that it's actually technically winter until some way later month like April or something like that.


I know that we've been known to get snow even as late as July.

I know all this snow is good for us in the long run.


I know I "just" got back from somewhere warm and sunny so I have no room to complain, BUT

I am so stinkin' tired of winter.

It's been a doozy here this year and I've seriously had enough. I want to run & play outside. I want to retire my sweaters and sorrel boots and gloves. I want to see my flowerbed blooming and the green grass. I want to be able to send my children outside to play without spending forever getting them ready first. I want all the things that spring and summer bring--I've had enough of all this winter crud.

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