Friday, December 17, 2010


I don't usually have the "TGIF" mindset. I am blessed to have a pretty darn flexible "job" so the weekends don't bring a lot of variation to my routine. I do look forward to them because I know I'll get 2 whole days with my wonderful children (they are only wonderful until the 'I'm bored.' kicks in!) and because we all get to sort of sleep in or stay up late. But today I must confess that I am really glad it's Friday. It's been a busy week and I'm tired. Unfortunately the weekend is filling up and fore casted to be just as busy as the week was, so maybe I'm not exactly grateful for this weekend but for the fact that this Friday is the last one before the girls have their Christmas vacation from school. They are done on Wednesday and I'm really looking forward to that. Them being on vacation from school means Christmas is here, and I do love Christmas, but once Christmas is here that also means all this crazy/busyness will be done! Now, that's a YAY!

Until then I have...
  • Lindsay's school Christmas party to help at this afternoon.
  • We have our small group from church Christmas Party & White Elephant gift exchange tonight, at our house. I need to prep a few food items for that. I'm trying a few new recipes, if I have my wits about me and remember to photograph them, I'll share them with ya.
  • Erik is having his entire crew over on Saturday for their work Christmas party. Guess who's preparing the food? :-) So, yeah, lots to do there!
  • Kera has a friends birthday party to go to tomorrow, right smack dab in the middle of my party prep. BUT I feel really sorry for the kiddos with their birthday in December so she's going!
  • My in-laws will be staying with us for Christmas so I would like to clean the guest bathroom & bedroom before they arrive.
Thankfully all my shopping & gift wrapping is finished! Yay. Erik needs to wrap my present still, but then again, maybe he won't. It is currently sitting on top the fireplace in the box it was shipped here in. I know what it is, he gets me exactly what I ask for usually. It will probably stay on the fireplace til Christmas Eve when I ask him if I can have it! ha ha ha. Or maybe I'll pester him to open it early... I'm like a kid when it comes to presents...I can hardly wait to see them all open their gifts from me and to open my own gifts. The suspense KILLS me! :-)

If you don't see me around here before Christmas, its because I succumbed to the crazyness!


  1. Oh... the not so busy joys of this blissful season!! well...joyful... stressful getting to the joyful parts!! I have been crazy busy and yet still not getting it all done! =) but enjoying the moments!! baking, cooking, shopping, crafting, laughing... enjoying... loving... it makes all the busy busy worth it... =) Have a Merry Christmas if I don't make it back around!! =) I have not been a faithful blogger the last few months... I am losing my zeal a bit... I love it... but it is work! ;)

  2. Have a good weekend and a Merry Christmas!


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