Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Big Girl

I made my first "big girl" purchase a while back. Remember back when I re-did my laundry room?

the laundry room after the re-do and the chair.

It wasn't too long after I finished that project that we noticed the wall behind the chair was getting banged up. Every time the girls sat down in it, or put stuff in it, it was rubbing paint off the wall. So, we decided to get an actual bench would be a smart thing. I thought I would just go to Shopko or Walmart or Target and get something inexpensive, but Erik stopped me in my tracks. He wanted something nice. He wanted something made out of real wood.

So I stopped in at the local furniture store back in September and found the perfect bench. I needed something that...
 1. would fit in our laundry area.
2. would have some sort of storage, either for shoes or backpacks or mittens or one of the other thousand items that usually ends up landing in the laundry area.
3. I wanted it to be simple and sort of rustic.
4. I wanted a lighter colored wood.
5. I didn't want to spend an arm and a leg....which brings me to the explanation of why this is was a "big girl" purchase.

Erik and I are blessed to have parents living near us. Parents who have worked hard their whole lives and made a pretty nice nest for themselves. Parents who have needed to get rid of various pieces of furniture over the years. Parents who have almost single-handedly furnished our entire home. Before I purchased this bench the only other furniture Erik and I had bought were a small cheap side table from Target, a rocking chair and a crib (a cheapo one from Walmart). All our other furniture is hand-me-down's. I'm not complaining--our parents each took great care of their furniture and so our hand-me-downs are in better condition than some new furniture for sure. So, I was a little nervous about spending a larger amount on a piece of real furniture.

But, I found the perfect bench and I was so excited! I had to wait until last week to get the thing, but I have it and now my laundry room is just perfect! I made my first "big girl" furniture purchase successfully! :-)
I love how much better the bench looks than the chair and that cheapo metal shoe holder. We have much less shoe storage, so we'll have to be purposeful about returning shoes to our rooms when we aren't wearing them, but that's okay. I love the fact that the bench opens and we can throw all the hats, gloves and other random things in there!


  1. Cute bench! :) I love how adding (or subtracting) one item can make such a difference!

  2. Love the bench! Looks great in the laundry room!


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