Friday, December 31, 2010

Looking back

I cannot help but be a little disappointed when I look at the goals I made almost a year ago for 2010. All the things I wanted to accomplish and how few of them I actually even made progress in....

I guess some of my goals weren't exactly measurable, so I can say I "sorta" did...
engage with people
consistent time in my bible (I did manage to do the daily bible all year and read Dec31st today)
more one-on-one time with girls
running 10 min miles on short runs

But there were more goals that I didn't even come close. I did not...
have more fun/creative dates with Erik
get regular time with my mother or sister
write everyday or do NaNo
catch up on my scrapbooking
lose weight
run 3 races
run 4 days/week

Now, I can't really get down on myself about all of those--some were just not in my control. My mom was going to school so time with her was in shorthand anyways. And that lovely stress fracture kind of kerplunked most of my fitness/weight/running goals early on. Besides, the goal about the ten minute miles during short runs I actually accomplished after my recovery (actually only in the past month) so I feel really good about that. So I suppose I shouldn't be too disappointed about my overall accomplishments. I think I did the best with what I had. Maybe I should look back at all good things about the past year...

  • We had a great family vacation to Puerto Vallarta--and got to see whales!!
  • I redid my laundry room
  • I had a wonderful get-away with Erik to Glacier Park
  • I managed to follow the "Making the Cut" for a whole month and lost some inches
  • I ran Bloomsday with some great friends
  • I watched my Mom graduate with her APRN
  • I watched my girls do ballet--both on stage at the recital
  • I tried a lot of new recipes
  • I read a ton of great books
  • I celebrated Lindsay's 8th bday
  • and Kera's 6th bday
  • Hiking & Camping with family and friends
  • I learned a ton about food.
  • Great trip to Wyoming to see Erik's old stomping grounds
  • Family reunion in Colorado, including singing karaoke with my sissy
  • Went to Sidney for my cousin's wedding
  • I started to sew!
  • I did one trail run!
  • Spent quality time with my mom, sister and future sis-in-law in Spokane
  • Blogged more consistently
When I look at the positive things, I realize that the past year hasn't been a bust, after all. It was a great year filled with lots of blessings and answered prayers and fun times. I am extremely grateful for all of it--without the harder times the good times wouldn't be so sweet.

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