Friday, December 31, 2010

My goals

This new year, I don't want to set a bunch of technical, analytical goals that I don't end up meeting because life gets in the way. So I have been thinking about character traits to work on--areas that I can make changes in, even if I can't "finish" the changes. (Because honestly, are we ever "done" improving ourselves?) And along with those areas I have brainstormed ways to work on it. Not specific tasks or goals, just ideas. And in completing some of these ideas, I'll be working on the main changes. Does that make sense?

So, one of the areas that I'd like to see change is my discipline. I am a good planner but so often my well laid plans are sidelined due to my laziness or lack of follow-through. I see this flaw in so many areas; time-management, health, fitness and spirituality.

Another area is in my relationship with God. I want to view it as that, a relationship. Instead of viewing my quiet times in the morning as a task on my "to do" list, which is what it tends to be due to my need to be organized/planned, I want it to be time spent with a loved one. Time that I look forward to, time that means more to me that a check mark on my task list.

So, to nail it down, I would say my goals for 2011 are:
1. To practice discipline
2. Build my relationship with God

How am I gonna do that? I have so many ideas....including prioritizing daily task lists, recognizing the difference between hobbies and wasting time, focus on eating veggies/fruit/serving sizes, limiting sweets and coffee, train and complete a major run (probably a 1/2 marathon but part of me wonders if I could do the full), read through the gospels, psalms and highlight qualities of God, proclaim 2011 as clean out the stash year in regards to hobbies, aim for no-spend months, get better at couponing, do more free fun things as family, and the list goes on and on. And the cool thing about this list, is that it's not final...I will change it and add to it as I find new inspiring ideas or decide other ones aren't necessarily in line with my goals.

I'm really excited about my goals this year, I know that they will both take me outside of my comfort zone but I know that will be good for me and I welcome the challenge. :-)

How about you? Have you made any goals for the new year? How do you plan to meet those goals?


  1. Love it - simply stated, but broad enough to cover a lot of ground! Happy New Year!

  2. I too want to work on my relationship with God. Some days I feel like we are in a long distance one. I hope to begin the Daily Bible today (I haven't gone and picked it up yet) and I have some other material I want to work through. I would like to work on my diet too. Just starting by eating healthier and allowing God into that.


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