Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday Randomness

  • Got to see my grandma, and the girls' great-grandma, this weekend. I just love her and am so grateful we live somewhat near her and can see her several times a year. The fact that my kids have a relationship with her just fills my heart. I remember spending time with my great-grandma, and I'm so grateful the girls can have that too.
  • I took Lindsay on a Mommy-Daughter date last week during her lunch time at school. We went to Pizza Hut and used her book-it certificate for the lunch buffet. It was so good to get that one-on-one time with her that is so rare. She was beaming when I picked her up and we had some great conversation time. I think I might make it a monthly "date".
  • I took Kera on a Mommy-Daughter date today. She really wanted Subway and I was more than happy to grant that request. She was so cute. I picked her up and she said, "Now I get some alone time with you." Looks like I'll be making it happen with her once a month too!
  • It is snowing and cold here today. I like the looks of the snow, but don't like being in it. I don't really enjoy any winter outdoor activities--I'm more of a hot cocoa and snuggle next to the fire with a book type girl. BUT, I will sled down our hill with the girls, I do enjoy that.
  •  I had to hit Costco, the bank and grocery store today. I hated doing it in the snow, but it had to be done. I was thrilled to find 3 or 4 Christmas gifts at Costco. Woohoo! I have my Christmas budget, my gift idea and shopping plan list, so I'm ready do get this shopping part done ASAP. I'd like to be done within the next week so I can spend the rest of December baking and crafting. :-)
  • I'm finally sporting my new glasses. Wearing them takes some getting use to, but I can definitely see better with them on. I think seeing myself with them on will take some getting use to, as well.
  • Don't look at my hair. I was wearing a snow hat all day so its flatter than flat!
  • I opened a jar of my pickles today. A couple weeks early. They are Soooooo good. :-) Although they don't go so well with my egg nog latte....oh well!

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