Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Snow Day

Yesterday, I was grateful for my facebook habit. When checking it over breakfast, I saw a post from a friend about no school, so I checked the district website and sure enough, it had been canceled due to weather. I don't know if I would've discovered that information on my own had I not checked facebook!

So, anyway, we were gifted with an additional day of "thanksgiving vacation".

Snow had drifted up on the sliding glass door.

Kera got to crawl into my bed and watch morning cartoons instead of getting ready for school. Lindsay wasn't awake when I found out, so I let her sleep in.

I am sooo grateful I got out on Monday to the store and costco, because the girls got to enjoy their favorite noodles for lunch.

Erik came home with the snowplower fourwheeler and plowed our cul de sac. Our neighbor had gotten her vehicle stuck that morning and the snowplows don't usually come around the first day, so it was much needed. I did shovel the driveway, it only took me an hour, and I am so sore today from it. The drifts were pretty high in some places. And it was so cold!

Yay for lasagna in the crock pot. It made the whole house smell divine.

And since we were stuck at home, I whipped up some pomegranate scones as well as gumdrop cookies, which was a new recipe and turned out really good. We ate them all before I remembered to take pictures of those.

The girls did some puzzles.

Ah snow.

Brrr. This is on our front porch away from the wind that made it MUCH colder than it says here.

So, I wonder if we'll have snow for Christmas? We have certainly been blessed with a white Thanksgiving!

Here's hoping your Thanksgiving holiday is full of lots of things to be thankful for!

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  1. Those pictures are great, but they are as close as I want to get to actual cold. High here today = 82. (Many would say not idea THanksgiving weather.)

    Your girls are so cute. I hope your family enjoys the holiday.


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