Saturday, October 2, 2010

Diva Day

Aww, gotta love the pre-run group picture. Especially because it is usually the only one I get!

Today was the annual Diva Day, All Women's 5k run here in town, and a small group of us from church all did it together. We didn't quite get our acts in gear early enough to do any kind of costume--there were so many runners dressed up with tiaras, tutu's, wigs, gowns, wings, etc. We looked at all them to get some ideas for next year because we definitely want to dress up then. The weather was BEAUTIFUL unlike last year which was cold. I think it was 50 or 60 and the high today is suppose to be 80 and sunny, so you can imagine how beautiful the morning was. PERFECT for a run!

Three of our group walked the race, which is awesome. I was especially proud of my friend Yvonne, who has a 4 month old baby and has never really voiced an interest in walking/running before. I know she could run this race next year if she really wanted to. :-) The rest of us ran it, and although we started together, that did not last long. Colleen and her daughter, Leilani, were fast--in fact Leilani had never run a 5k without stopping before, but stuck with her mom the whole race and ended up taking 2nd in her age group while Colleen took 5th in hers. Becca was behind them only barely, which is awesome because she's only been really running for the last year. I could tell how much she'd improved. Go Becca! Then Sonja and I were not too far behind Becca. I was afraid that I'd push myself too much on the race, but I felt really good--legs, lungs and all. I ended up finishing just over 30 minutes, which, although it is not my personal best, it is great considering that I missed the whole summer of training due to that lovely injury. Maybe all that P90X is helping!?

It was a ton of fun to run this race with all my girlfriends, and especially to be able to actually run it and feel good. I am extremely grateful!! Can't wait for next year!

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  1. Sounded like a blast...glad you experienced this and for just having a baby...that's great for her! awesome!


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