Monday, September 13, 2010

Play by play

I've seen this in a couple of blogs that I just started reading and thought I'd give it a whirl. I apologize in advance if it completely bores you.

This is basically a minute-by-minute, or in some cases hour-by-hour replay of my day. This isn't exactly typical of every weekday, but it's today.

6:00 a.m. alarm goes off, I hit snooze.
6:09 alarm goes off again, I turn it off and get up. I go out to the kitchen/living room and tell Erik it's 6 o'clock. He gets up from the couch and goes back to our bed. (No, I didn't make him sleep there. Sometimes he has to move out there to sleep, something about our bed being too hot.)
I make a latte and sit down to read in the quiet.
6:55 Erik comes back out to the kitchen, this time dressed for work.
7:00 a.m. I go wake up the girls.
7:05 I start breakfast for the girls and me and try to stay out of Erik's way in the kitchen.
7:15 The girls are eating and I finally sit down to eat, too.
7:25 I remind L to pack her library books and K to wear pants since she has gym class. They run off to get ready for school and I finish my breakfast.
7:30 I load the dishes in the washer and wipe off the counters real quickly.
7:34 I check on the girls. Kera is laying on her bed still in her pj's. I remind her firmly that she needs to get dressed now.
7:35 I get my workout clothes on, brush my teeth and put my hair in a pony.
7:45 I make my bed and remind the girls to brush their teeth, hair and get their shoes on.
7:50 I heat up my 2nd cup of coffee and put on my shoes. I load Kera's water bottle and zip up their backpacks while hollering at them to get their shoes on and make their beds.
7:51 I sit down at the laptop to check email, blogs, etc. Start researching a bench with shoe storage for our laundry room.
7:55 Kiss Erik goodbye. Ask the girls if they are ready to go.
8:00 Head out the door with the girls and walk down to the bus stop.
8:03-8:15 Stand at the bus stop chatting with the other mom's until the bus comes. Kiss the girls and watch them get on the big ol' yellow bus.
8:16 Walk home.
8:18 Sit back down at the laptop. Finish coffee and start putting together a photo book on Shutterfly.
10:30 Realize it has taken me two hours to make the photo book and I still don't know which photos I need to order, so decide to go workout.
10:35 Go downstairs and realize that the HUGE spider we caught in the trap over the weekend isn't there anymore.
10:36 Wander around the basement checking traps and see the HUGE spider in the middle of the office.
10:37 Dramatically step on the spider, smooshing him into the carpet.
10:40 Finally turn on the workout video.
11:40 Waver on whether or not to do the extra ab workout, finally deciding I should.
12:00 Go back upstairs and whip together a sandwich, some watermelon and celery.
12:05 Sit down at the laptop to eat lunch and realize the internet is down, yet again.
12:15 Put my dishes in the dishwasher and head to take a shower.
12:16 Shower, get ready and dressed.
12:45 Head out the door.
1:00 Park at the furniture store and walk in.
1:15 Walk out of the furniture store, receipt in hand. I found the perfect bench! Just have to wait 6-8 weeks for it to come in.
1:20 Park and walk into the grocery store. Wander around getting the things on my list until I see someone I know in the produce department.
1:30 Chat with Aubrey and Christian.
1:35 Finish picking up groceries and line up in my favorite line.
1:36 Chat with the Checker and bagger about my favorite chips and the price of wine.
1:40 Finish loading groceries into my trunk and head out of the parking lot.
2:00 Get home and unload bags into the kitchen.
2:15 Bags are all unpacked, food is put away. I peel a peach, grab a couple fig newmans and sit down at the laptop, hoping the internet is back. It is!
2:16 Catch up on reading blogs, email and facebook.
2:45 Start my own blog entry.
3:03 Realize it's almost time to get to the bus, so decide to be done with this goofy entry and pick up the kitchen (again!) before heading out the door to grab the mail before the bus lands.


  1. Hi Kendra, I loved reading about your day, thanks!

  2. I enjoyed reading about your day! Thanks for letting me know.
    I especially like the disclaimer that you didn't make your hubby sleep on the couch.
    Seems like a perfectly productive day to me!!

    Thanks for stopping by.


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