Sunday, September 12, 2010

Donuts & Sports Bra's

I bought donut holes for the first time in a very long time yesterday. They just called my name as I walked by, and Lindsay was having a friend spend the night, so I thought it would be cool to have something fun for breakfast. I also knew I'd be leaving "early" for a run and wouldn't be around to actually fix breakfast. So, I bought one wonderful box of sugared donut holes.

I love donuts. I seriously have wonderful memories associated with donuts as well. Like in high school when we had early morning meetings on Tuesdays for YFC and my friend Jess and I would always get one at Tidyman's on our way there. Or when I moved back to Missoula after college and was studying the Bible with a great group of gals--it seems we always had donut holes for those studies. And somehow there'd almost always be a box of donut holes at the single women quiet time's we would have in my other friend Misti's duplex.  (Hmm, I'm finding a spiritual connection here, maybe eating donuts is sorta spiritual!? hee hee) And then as an adult with kids, sometimes the "be good at the grocery store and I'll get you a treat" treat was a donut or cookie.  Unfortunately, ever since I figured out how seriously unhealthy they are, I stopped buying them. They seriously are unhealthy! But even health food rules are made to be broken once in a while, and so I have enjoyed every single bite of donut hole that I've taken today. They are sooo good.

They are especially good when paired with a warm americano and eaten after running four miles, I've found. I got to run with my running gals this morning for the first time since my injury, and it was great. Once again, we were blessed with perfect weather, and my legs were happy, so it was all good. Oh, and what made it even better? The fact that I finally found a sports bra that is not only comfortable but also supports in all the right ways. I've been looking for quite some time for a sports bra. Actually I've been searching for both a sports bra and an everyday bra that I love. I may have found the everyday one, but the jury is still out. I have definitely found the sports one. Hallelujah! I don't know what it is, but I have a love/hate relationship with bras. Scratch that, I totally hate them. Hate that I have to wear one. Hate that they are always uncomfortable. Hate how much I have to spend to get a good one. Love when its time to put my pj's on and take the horrid thing off!

Anyway, I think I've found a good sports one. It's made by Moving Comfort. It's got no cotton in it, which helps reduce chafing. It's got adjustable straps that don't itch. It's got the hook/eye closure on the back so you avoid the "I'm stuck in my sports bra" entanglement of trying to pull some of them over your head. It's even kind of pink. I've worn it twice now for longish runs and its felt great and supported well. I'm so glad to have found a bra that works for running!!


  1. Too funny. I was bursting out in laughter just from your title. I love donut holes...matter of fact, I love any kind of donut which is why I avoid them at all costs. So glad you found a sports bra you love as well!

  2. I've had the worse craving for a glazed donut. Only thing saving me is that my favorite donut place is by the gym :)


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